Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Progress w/ Garage Studio

The studio is coming along- the table is done and next comes the ventilation box and set-up. Things were changed midway, as many projects are. We had talked about switching the back door to one w/ a doggy door and using that as our vent, but I decided we use that door too often to have it stay shut. Instead the vent will run outside when I crack the garage door open and the make-up air will be the back door (the one in the garage, not the main house).Now to get ready for my son's doctor appt. an hour away..maybe by this time tomorrow I'll get my torch set up!


Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Those are some nice benches!

Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! Look at all of that space! I could have those beautiful, empty counters junked up in no time!