Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo Phobia

I've been creating work, but have been absolutely terrible about getting pictures. It hit me this past month that not selling at BABE! probably had me a little down, in addition to missing the ISGB's 20th Anniversary Seattle Gathering in July- I hear both events were awesome and was sad to miss out on selling and seeing my peers especially.

 These little buggers were hard as Hades to shape- need to consider buying some parallel mashers.
 No lie, I'm totally in love with my little munchkin- but she can't really contribute when I want to talk shop or fondle other peoples beads. This time goes by so fast and soon she'll be zooming around the house like my four(!) year old. So I consider it a fair trade and hope to soon be back to making meetings w/ my glassy peeps and attending shows next year.