Monday, December 24, 2012

More Eye Candy and Last Day of SALE

  Up on Etsy and today is the last day to get 40% off everything in the shop- use code Gimme40.
Hope you're all having a merry and bright holiday, we're planning to make sugar cookies for Santa and let baby girl have her first veggies since she's now 6 months old.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

More work posted

The sale is going well, although I must admit that I didn't dare wish for it to go as well as it did for fear of jinx-ing myself. So I've listed more work, otherwise the whole having a sale portion won't work if there isn't anything in the shop!
Picmonkey saved the day in helping me put these collages together quickly, how convenient- and most likely will become a new trend.

Friday, December 21, 2012

New Learning Curve and a SALE!

So we now have a super nifty new camera as a Christmas present from my in-laws that I've been trying to get the hang of using. I've been meaning to get some photos of my work to post on Etsy but keep getting distracted with taking cute photos of the kids, oopsie.
Today, just now actually, I sat down and took photos of my nearest bead and this is what's what:

 Still needs some work, but it will suffice for listing on Etsy. Just in case I don't post beforehand, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
OH, Oh! I've decided to do a HUGE sale in my shop:
Code Gimme40 will give you 40% off everything in the shop!! From now until Christmas Eve, help empty my shop since momma has to pay for a new drier.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo Phobia

I've been creating work, but have been absolutely terrible about getting pictures. It hit me this past month that not selling at BABE! probably had me a little down, in addition to missing the ISGB's 20th Anniversary Seattle Gathering in July- I hear both events were awesome and was sad to miss out on selling and seeing my peers especially.

 These little buggers were hard as Hades to shape- need to consider buying some parallel mashers.
 No lie, I'm totally in love with my little munchkin- but she can't really contribute when I want to talk shop or fondle other peoples beads. This time goes by so fast and soon she'll be zooming around the house like my four(!) year old. So I consider it a fair trade and hope to soon be back to making meetings w/ my glassy peeps and attending shows next year.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Listings Up Soon

These will all be going up on Etsy soon, once my customer decides which ones she wants for her order. Lots of lovely colors, all hollow.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Torching Weekend

Worked on a special order this weekend when there were brief moments of opportunity. So nice to get back to the torch and create! These are similar to the beads in Kerry Bogert's new book, Rustic Wrappings.

Now to wait and see if any will be left for Etsy!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Etsy shop finally reopened!

Been meaning to do this for weeks, baby girl has certainly kept me busy.
I renewed a few sets and hope to get more photographed soon.

On even more exciting news, though very tardy in telling you- Kerry Bogert's new book 'Rustic Wrappings' has a project using my Moroccan hollow focals! The necklace is gorgeous and the book is great, I'm really looking forward to trying a few of the techniques when some free time comes along.
There is a set similar to the one in the book currently in the shop, if you've been waiting. :)

Hoping to sweet talk hubby into working with me to get some time at the torch this weekend, it's been way too long.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Pismo Bead Invitational

Something I've been working on to send to the Pismo Fine Art Glass Gallery in Denver, Co for the 2012 Bead Invitational.
Lawdy, but I've been procrastinating- have you seen some of the amazing work at this gallery?! I finally just bit the bullet and decided to send in what I was going to in the first place. I did decide to fire some more Bronzclay beadcaps since I was running low and got some great colors on a few of them. So here's to pulling up my bootstraps and hoping for the best.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time Rushing

 These past few weeks since our move have been slipping by rapidly- can't believe I'm nearly 8 months along now. The San Antonio heat has been sapping my motivation to get things done, and it's not even summer yet.
 Decisions for our baby girl's room took me forever, nothing seemed right and I couldn't make up my mind..similar story for these bronzclay pieces. There is a nebulous idea floating about in my head, but the harder I try to focus on it, the more blurry it becomes. So my favorite fall-back option is in effect- I'll just wing it. It seems like forever since I've fired any metal clay, even had to look up the firing schedule to jog my memory.
 I'll have to show a pic of the backs after they finish firing, my idea was to have the option of stringing or wearing them as a brooch. A technician I am not, so we'll see if my idea pans out. What a pain in the posterior curved hollow forms are! Not sure why this was my idea of a smooth re-integration with metal clay.
Color is also something that has been nagging at my thoughts, and getting to use up some polymer clay that has been lurking in my closet (some of it for years!) is a bonus. Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani's book was a great learning tool. Maggie has a lot of great info and videos floating about on her website and youtube. Her color aesthetic is very appealing to me since I usually reach for those earthy/mud colors because they usually fume so nicely in glass. I'm proud of myself for getting all those colors mixed together and finishing this exercise, it will be a wonderful color tool for whichever medium I decide to use.

If the hollow pieces survive my somewhat inept touch, I'll post pics tomorrow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Expecting and A Cross-country Move

It's a girl and we're due mid-June!
Apologies for the silence on the blog, been busy getting ready for our big move to Texas..San Antonio to be exact.
The packers will be here tomorrow and I'm not in the best frame of mind for such a big event.
Luckily, hubby is uber-organized and we're more ready for this move than all the others we've ever done.
It's going to be a busy year. Already missing my studio space and looking forward to getting set up again as soon as possible and re-opening the Etsy shop.
Oh, and early Happy Valentine's Day greetings to everyone!
See y'all on the flip side :)