Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finished Bracelet and Beadcaps

I'm fired up about finishing my cheesecloth bracelet and interested *again* about making beadcaps. These beads have been laying around not making themselves useful and were talked into posing w/ beadcaps- made for each other, no?
The bigger bead is hollow, so it's nice and light. Fumed ivory always looks so nice and organic.
Please pardon my non-model-worthy hands, just wanted to show the bracelet ;)You can tell a slight difference in color btwn the copper clay body and COPPRclay clasp, but I plan on enameling the body of the bracelet- making it a moot point. Have a good night, all!


eve said...

Oh this looks stunning on, glad you made another after the other one broke, it was worth it i hope, eve

Aja Vaz said...

Thank you, Eve- the only parts I had to remake were the clasp and one link. So glad it's finished!