Friday, May 22, 2009

Clasp Disaster

My copper clay bracelet that I was so excited about finished firing late last night and I let it cool overnight w/ the lid off and checked on it this morning. While trying it on, the clasp broke since apparently the metal didn't sinter properly.
I really tried to like this clay but it's getting on my nerves. Once I use up what I have left I'll probably just switch to COPPRclay- once it gets here, of course.
In an effort to make lemonade from lemons, I decided to put hinges on the part that broke off in the hope that it will be easier to put on. It's drying right now and I hope I was able to affix the new clay to the old.


Vickie Hallmark said...

Bronze is frustrating, to say the least! I hope your nice bracelet recovers gracefully.

Aja Vaz said...

It's copper actually- it's hard to tell the difference once the powdered clay is fired.