Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tomorrow I get to take Hadar's class about metal clay and hopefully will get over my fear of -*gulp*- hinges. The other benefits of taking a class is meeting new people and seeing those you already know- yahoo, Beady Gals!
I haven't gotten nearly as much done this week in preparation for the class as I had hoped due to my son's surgery on Monday at the children's hospital at Stanford. What a wonderful place with great staff and doctors.
Now to finish finalizing my list since I'm prone to forget important things..


Vickie Hallmark said...

Hinges are one of my unconquered challenges, as well. Let us know how (hopefully) easy they are.

Aja Vaz said...

I would have to say I'm stoked to put my pieces together once I finally get them fired. An extruder w/ a tube adapter is the way to go, I think.