Wednesday, October 20, 2010

digital scrapbook time warp

Not sure how two hours disappeared, but I blame the free templates I found online for these:The larger images can be seen on my flickr page.


Sharon Driscoll said...

ACK! I'm trying so hard to do some digital work on my computer for collage type things - it is not going well so I sure can appreciate what you've done. Nice work

Aja Vaz said...

Thanks, Sharon- I accidentally stumbled upon this one site that offers free layouts and something they call 'quick pages' where you just have to add your photo. You can google Oscraps and then follow links from there to other designers' sites. Hopefully that can help you? Not sure if that's the type of collage you were wanting to do, lol.
Oh, and she has some good how-to's on her blog for using the layouts, etc.