Monday, November 28, 2011

From Mole Hill to Mountain

I should know better than to procrastinate with this many sets to photograph and put up on Etsy. This happens to me every year after BABE- what is at first a mole hill becomes a mountain and so I continue to put off photographing 50+ sets of beads for the shop. So here is my first step, and you can be my witness :) You can check out my flickr for more pics and size reference.

I think what is causing me the most angst is the thought of having to untie allll those sets to photograph them loose, and then retying then the thought of 'why not just photograph them tied?'. Although the rules of online selling recommends lots of photos, I'll most likely err on the side of sanity and take pics as they are to save myself time. This way I know I'll get them listed before Christmas, lol.


Lorelei Eurto said...

tried FB messenging you. i need your email. i can't believe i dont have it. anyway, I would like the set TOP LEFT set of the photo, and the blue/lime/teal set of 3 at the right side of the photo.

Jane Perala said...

Wow - what a lot of gorgeous hollows!
The glass group that I belong to has a challenge each month, and the latest challenge is hollows. You have inspired me to get going on my challenge hollows - thanks!

rockcreekcreations said...

Personally, there is no reason to until them all from the string just to photo. You can have front and back shots if you want multiple shots.

Vickie Hallmark said...

Beautiful pile! I'm a big fan of the orange sets. How's the move status?