Monday, April 6, 2009

Bronzclay Textured Hollow Forms

Today, I made a dent in my pile of hollow forms that needs to be textured. Focusing on the smaller pieces made it seem a little more manageable, they're in the kiln right now and hope to have a nice batch of beads in the morning ready to be made into a bracelet or earrings.
Maybe I managed to get so much done today in an effort to avoid having to pack for my trip to Indiana on Wednesday. Grr, how I dread doing the airport and flying shuffle w/ a baby. Here's to a smooth and uneventful travel day.


Laura Bracken said...

Whoa! Awesome beads! How did you add texture after making and drying the forms?

Aja Vaz said...

Thanks, Laura- I actually learned about how to make and texture the hollow formed beads from Hadar's books.
It's pretty fun to do, you'll probably be covering that if you're still taking classes w/ her ;)