Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bronzclay Pendants on Etsy

These pendants were just put up on Etsy:


Diana said...

Hello Aja....thank you for listing me as one of your favorite flickr sites. I am so excited to find someone working with Bronzclay. Your work is beautiful. I have just recently gotten into PMC and want to learn about Bronzclay. I hope to take a class with Louise Duhamel at Art and Soul in Portland this fall. Do you teach classes in Bronzclay. I live in San Luis Obispo so we are practically neighbors...only about 3 hours away. I love to hear from you.
Ta Ta
Diana Frey

Aja Vaz said...

Diana, love your work!
I don't 'teach' Bronzclay, but if you want to swing up this way sometime we could have a play date w/ Bronzclay- and it's always nice to meet someone new that is interested in creating beautiful things :)
Your blog is gorgeous, btw!